Shooter Lube Features

  • Military Grade Weapons Cleaning Solvent

    Our New Technology has you cleaning your gun better than ever. Our Solvent is designed to penetrate deep into the metal cleaning carbon build up in less time than other leading solvents. Feel good knowing you are cleaning your firearms with a product that passed military testing. We set the new standards! Your firearm maintenance should not be banished to the garage or outside because of the harsh chemicals and smells that other solvents use. Shooter Lube Military Grade Weapons Cleaning Solvent is simply the best! Odorless – No Water – Fully Evaporates – Leaves No Residue – No Hazardous Ingredients per EPA – High Flashpoint – Non-Corrosive – Does Not Freeze – Not Flammable

  • Extreme Weapons Oil

    Standard gun lubricants and CLP's are out dated and a thing of the past. Shooter Lube Extreme Weapons Oil is different. With our NEW Cutting-Edge lubricant, we are creating a new level of gun Lubrication and Protection. Unlike many gun oils out there that just sit on the surface, our Extreme Weapons Oil penetrates deep in to the pores of the metal. It forms a bond on and in the metal that does not wipe wear off, melt or evaporate with heavy use. Feel Confident using your weapons to its fullest potential knowing that your gun is fully protected from wear and corrosion! Biodegradable – Non-Flammable – Non-Toxic – 100% Synthetic – Low Odor – Non-Staining – Rust and Corrosion Protection – Reduces Wear and Friction

Did We Mention???

Did We Mention???

All of our Products have obsolutley no Dye's and staining agents. Clean with simply the best and most pure product available on the market.

Neutral PH levels make our products safe on ALL of your gun parts including plastics and wood. Because we use the latest technology available. You can clean your gun with a non-toxic product that is safe for you, your gun and the enviroment.

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Any Temp, Any Time!

Any Temp, Any Time!

Both our products are created for extreme use in all conditions. Our Weapons Cleaning Solvent unlike many other cleaners does not freeze. Also with a flashpoint of over 145 F makes it non-flamable! Extreme Weapons Oil has a wide working temp range of -80 to +440 F. It is your #1 choice for protection in all conditions!


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